Here, you will receive my most personal confessions spanning a range of subjects, from love and madness to personal philosophy and my detailed predictions of mankind’s coming war with artificial intelligence. In paying this paltry subscription price, you, like a Roman emperor, may cast judgment on my most precious thoughts and musings— allowing them to live by the generosity of your approval, or conversely, condemn them to death. Why, indeed. Who wouldn’t want to claim dominion over some small corner of the universe—over another human being’s self worth and self esteem? Please, enter—make yourself comfortable, follow along and bear witness to the unravelling.

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Trials, tribulations, trysts, anxieties, musings, errant thoughts, and the occasional confession. To know me is to potentially become artistic fodder for a piece here, but that's the risk you run.


Alana Cloud-Robinson was raised on English romanticism, Greek mythology, beat poetry and the slapstick comedic stylings of the Three Stooges. In 2022, she published The Artists Are Frightened, her premier collection of personal poetry.